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Andrea & Mike // October 4, 2014 // Milton, MA

I met Andrea 2 years ago when I needed an assistant to help out with a bunch of weddings that year. She came highly recommended and was extremely helpful and such a pleasure to work with throughout that summer and fall at some of my weddings. Thus, last year when she asked me to photograph her and Mike’s wedding this year, I was absolutely thrilled. Though the day was interspersed with some rain, it was such a beautiful celebration from start to finish. Andrea and Mike have such deep joy and so clearly enjoyed every second with each other and their loved ones. Enjoy a few highlights from the day below:

Congrats Andrea & Mike! So grateful to get to be there on your wedding day :)

Sarah & Nameun // Boston, MA // September 2014

I’ve known who Sarah & Nameun are for a few years, but it wasn’t really until my trip to Ethiopia last fall that I really had the chance to get to know Nameun well. He was a fantastic leader on our trip, one who showed great care and compassion to all those around him, and his commitment to everything running smoothly paid off endlessly throughout the two weeks. Though our shoot was really the first time I had much time with Sarah, it was easy to see how much fun the two of them have together and the great love they have for one another. We had a great time wandering some the areas of Boston that have been some of their favourite places to walk and explore together.

Lily & Bill // Harvard Business School // September 2014

I always love exploring pockets of  Boston that I don’t know, and the Harvard Business School campus was just one of those little pockets. Lily & Bill met me there on a gorgeous fall Friday afternoon and we had a great to laughing and hanging out together. I’m very excited to be able to photograph their wedding next year. Enjoy some shots and congrats to these two lovebirds!


Lauren & William // Hingham, MA // August 31, 2014

I didn’t have the chance to meet William before the wedding, and I had only briefly met Lauren last summer, but it quickly became evident how awesome the day was going to be. Both of them are very laid back and easy to be around, and the whole day had such a beauty and elegance to it that only two people who are deeply in love and comfortable with each other can have. There were many highlights throughout the day, but undeniably the dancing, led by the awesome band Clockwork, was such a big continual celebration. I think Lauren & William left the dance floor for only a couple songs all night, as everyone brought the house down. Enjoy some photos of their beautiful day:

Venue: Atlantica

Band: Clockwork

Julia & Dave // North Yarmouth, ME // August 23, 2014

Well, I think I can retire. Julia & Dave’s wedding was an absolute dream. The day was perfect, the energy electric, the style impeccable. You might remember Julia & Dave from their engagement photos, as they are just the absolute cutest and most awesome folks around. It was such an honor to be there for their wedding, and their laid back attitude just made the whole day flow so seamlessly. The love and excitement was visible everywhere. Just have a look:

Place: The Barn on Walnut Hill

Food: Bread and Butter Company

Music: DJ Cream

Kristin & Ben // Rhinebeck, NY // August 2, 2014

I met Kristin many years ago as her older brother was my freshmen roommate in college. Kevin quickly became one of my best friends and his family has been dear to my heart for many years. It was very exciting to be able to photograph Kristin’s wedding and get to spend the whole day with so many wonderful people that I love dearly. I hadn’t met Ben until the day of the wedding, but I had heard many great things about him and it was so much fun to see him and Kristin together. It was an absolutely gorgeous day and I’m excited to share some of the moments from the day… enjoy!

Julia & Dave // Boston, MA // July 2014

Julia and Dave are getting married next month, but they really wanted the chance to get some photographs of their favourite places in Boston. I love when people choose locations for their engagement photos that carry meaning with them. Don’t get me wrong, destination engagement shoots are beautiful, but when people know and love a space, there is a comfort and joy that exists unlike a new exotic place. Julia was kind enough to share with me why we went to these three different locations:

Boston Public Gardens – This is where we got engaged in May of last year. Dave sat under the willow tree and called me on my way out of a meeting nearby to come meet him in the park (he said he had cheese and crackers waiting…it was an odd statement so I was instantly suspicious). Sweet things were said, a question was asked, and a lovely ring appeared :)

South End – Dave moved into the South End first and I joined him shortly after. The house is owned by an absolutely wonderful woman named Kathe who helped start Haley House. Living in our place in the South End was like living in one big house with a bunch of friends (and a few strangers since the first 2 floors were part of a bed and breakfast). On the day that we found out that Dave got into residency in orthopedic surgery (his dream!) we celebrated with champagne and friends on our front stoop. It was one of the best days ever!

JP – This year has clearly been filled with many blessings and good things – like buying a house! Dave’s prerequisites were that the house be close to Centre Street and close to JP Licks, while mine were that the house be full of light and an old historic building. We both got what we wanted because the house was built in 1845 (and is full of light all day long) and you could literally crawl to JP Licks :)

It was so much fun getting to hang out with these two and I am SO EXCITED for their wedding up in Maine next month.