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Thankful 2015

It is appropriate in life to be thankful at all times — even given some of the terrifying realities of recent headlines — but I do love that our culture sets aside a day to do just that. I won’t reflect too much here, but this has been the biggest year of transition for me and I have so so much to be thankful for. This year on thanksgiving, just past my 1 month anniversary, I think it is more than appropriate to let the world know how unbelievably thankful I am for this human being who has chosen to commit her life to walk beside mine. She is gracious, generous, wise, curious and engaging, and has taught me so much about how to love, be loved and be known. Things may not always be easy or cheery or giggly, but she is my person and this thanksgiving I am thankful for her.

I hope you all have a wonderful and beautiful day of feasting and joy and communion with friends and family.

What are you thankful this year?

Christina & Ramon // East Bridgewater, MA // October 31, 2015

Christina and Ramon had an absolutely amazing wedding out in Bridgewater, MA. One of the things I’ve loved about getting to photograph weddings is that so many of my clients refer me to their friends, and with Tina and Ramon’s wedding it was so great to see folks whose weddings I had previously shot or who were at another wedding I had photographed. There were just so many fantastic people in one place, and both Tina and Ramon were those kind of easy and instantly lovable kinds of folks that it was easy to see why people flocked to them. They all had a lot of fun getting out on the dance floor in the early afternoon. Check out some moments from the day below.

Thank you Tina and Ramon for having me there to photograph! Such a beautiful day that I am so grateful to have been a part of.

Carrie & Dave Get Engaged! // Boston, MA

My great friends Carrie and Dave got engaged last night! Dave asked me to hide out and photograph the moment for him. I haven’t been that nervous for a “shoot” in a long long time, but it was so so AMAZING. These are two of the most fantastic humans and I’m so incredibly excited for them. Congrats Carrie and Dave!

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Lana & Nate // Good Harbor Beach, MA // September 19, 2015

Lana and Nate got married at one of my spots on the North Shore. Good Harbor Beach carries with it a lot of great memories for me, and now I get to add the magic of this day to the list. Both Lana & Nate were incredibly present and caring toward everyone throughout the whole day. It create such a welcoming and celebratory day. They each offered unbelievable vows to one another during the ceremony, and the nearby public crowd was caught up in the momentous moment. It was a great day to celebrate with them. Check out some shots from the day below.

Colleen & Joel // Magnolia, MA // September 2015

This past weekend I had the opportunity to visit one of the North Shore’s most beautiful parks, Ocean Lawn. I think it had been over 6 years since I’ve last been there – and boy had I forgotten how gorgeous it is. I got to explore the space with Colleen & Joel and we had a lot of fun laughing and exploring together. These two are so great to be around and are exactly the reason I love getting to do this job. So easy to be around and just bubbling over with love and joy. Enjoy some photos from our time together.

The Amaris // Dorchester, MA // August 2015

Anyone who knows me knows I love the Amaris. These three are like family to me. Though things have been a bit crazy recently, I’m always so grateful for the moments I get to share with them. They are preparing for a big transition, and we thought it only appropriate to have a little snapshot of their life before the change. ┬áHere’s a little peak into the life of these dear dear friends. (and just in case you were wondering, yes this little guy has grown up a lot since back then)

Emily & Mike // Essex, MA // August 8, 2015

Emily & Mike are simply fantastic. Such incredible people deserve an incredible wedding day. And boy is incredible an understatement. From one of my favourite venues in the Boston area, to perfect weather, to one of the most fun wedding parties ever, to the most impressive dancing crowd I’ve ever seen (yes, there is a photo proving that at one point every┬ásingle person at the wedding was on the dance floor), to the unbelievable energy and hospitality of Emily and Mike, this wedding killed it in every way. Enjoy some photos from this more-than-incredible day.