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Mr. Baby Cat

Even though I’ve only fostered this guy for 1 month, I have quite the attachment to him and his mischievous ways.

Castle Island Hymns Farewell Show // November 15, 2014

It’s been a little while since I’ve photographed my friends in Castle Island Hymns, and unfortunately this may be the last time. They played their farewell show this past Saturday and it was glorious to hear all the music they’ve created over the past 4 years. They are an unbelievably talented bunch, and you should go over and check out their music if you’re looking for some fresh takes on classic hymns (as well as a few originals).

Megan & Matt // Boston, MA // October 2014

Megan and Matt are two dear dear friends here in Boston. To say they know how to love people, welcome people, connect people, care for people well is an understatement. Though they’ve been married 3 years, they never had the chance to get engagement photos or wedding photos that they really love, so we took a walk around a couple of their favourite places in Boston to grab some pictures. I don’t even want to talk about the fact that they are likely moving soon… But I have no doubt wherever they are the place will be better for it.

The Ebersoles // October 2014

Some of you know The Ebersoles and their incredible story, and if you don’t, here’s your chance to be introduce to them. They are some of my favourite people in the world, and I’ve been close friends and worked with Danny since we both got our start shooting weddings over 5 years ago after spending countless hours in a darkroom together. Their adopted daughter Vera-lou is so unbelievably precious, and Danny does quite the job documenting her, but it was fun to get all three of them together in front of the camera for a short little photo shoot. Check out their blog for their adoption story & Danny’s photography cause it is some of the best out there.

Kara & Michael // Swampscott, MA // October 11, 2014

Kara & Michael are simply adorable. Their wedding was my last of 2014 and it was the perfect way to wrap things up. Though the weather wasn’t particularly friendly, their uncontainable joy was by far the most powerful force of the day. Kara was ecstatic all day and Michael’s happiness just kept bubbling out of him. Watching these two come together was just so much fun. Have a look at some highlights below.

Andrea & Mike // October 4, 2014 // Milton, MA

I met Andrea 2 years ago when I needed an assistant to help out with a bunch of weddings that year. She came highly recommended and was extremely helpful and such a pleasure to work with throughout that summer and fall at some of my weddings. Thus, last year when she asked me to photograph her and Mike’s wedding this year, I was absolutely thrilled. Though the day was interspersed with some rain, it was such a beautiful celebration from start to finish. Andrea and Mike have such deep joy and so clearly enjoyed every second with each other and their loved ones. Enjoy a few highlights from the day below:

Congrats Andrea & Mike! So grateful to get to be there on your wedding day :)

Sarah & Nameun // Boston, MA // September 2014

I’ve known who Sarah & Nameun are for a few years, but it wasn’t really until my trip to Ethiopia last fall that I really had the chance to get to know Nameun well. He was a fantastic leader on our trip, one who showed great care and compassion to all those around him, and his commitment to everything running smoothly paid off endlessly throughout the two weeks. Though our shoot was really the first time I had much time with Sarah, it was easy to see how much fun the two of them have together and the great love they have for one another. We had a great time wandering some the areas of Boston that have been some of their favourite places to walk and explore together.