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Alyssa & Andrew // Waltham, MA // June 29, 2015

Alyssa and Andrew’s wedding was stunning. Stunning not just because it was at one of the most gorgeous venues I’ve seen in Massachusetts, but because the love these two share is incredibly beautiful. The wedding day was my first time meeting Alyssa and she just bubbled with so much, energy, excitement and love that you couldn’t help but get caught up in it. Andrew I’ve known for quite a few years – I photographed his sister Katharine’s wedding a few years back – and he has overcome some incredible challenges in his life, including a terrible accident that left doctors expecting him never to walk again. Being able to watch these two throughout the day, particularly during their first dance and Andrew’s surprise song to Alyssa, was simply incredible. Such love and such joy. So grateful to have been able to capture some moments from their day. Enjoy.

National Park B-Sides // UT, ID, WY, MT // June 2015

After revisiting the shots I took out west, I realized there were a few more that I love and that help fill out the story a bit more. I don’t usually post more photos after having already presented a “complete” set, but here are some b-sides that didn’t make the first cut but show a little more of the wildlife we saw (bears! so many buffalo! pronghorns!) and includes a few more classic shots. Enjoy!

National Park Tour // UT, ID, WY, MT // June 2015

I don’t often put up full posts of personal work these days, but I couldn’t resist sharing some photos from one of the most important trips of my life to date. Getting away from the city to see some awe inspiring beauty has a powerful effect. My buddy Danny and I got to have some great time before both of our lives go through some important transitions. Here are a few shots from our wanderings through Arches, Canyonlands, Grand Teton, and Yellowstone National Parks.

Jess & Matt // Blue Hills, MA // June 2015

Jess and Matt are long time Boston friends. They are simply two of the most genuine people you’ll ever meet. It’s been so fun to watch them grow together and I’m SO EXCITED for them to get married in August. We are all gonna have a huge celebration. I’m also very excited to have them in the neighborhood going forward, continuing to get to share in this thing called life. This past weekend we took a little hike through the Blue Hills and saw some of their favorite little spots. We capped it off with a visit to the spot where Matt got down on TWO knees and sealed the deal.

Love you both. Let’s have a big party in August, how bout it?

Saji Family // Boston, MA // April 2015

I haven’t seen too much of Charlene & Mike for quite a while as my community has shifted around a bit this past year, but they are both such fantastic people to be around and I was thrilled to catch up with them and meet their little Tabitha (Last time I really got time with them was when we did some maternity portraits for them last year). We had a great time wandering around the just blooming Public Gardens. Tabby was so funny and just wouldn’t stop staring at me throughout the entire shoot. She didn’t fuss a single time though and and Charlene’s mother helped me to get her to giggle here and there. Enjoy some shots of their beautiful family.

Lily & Bill // Boston, MA // March 14, 2015

Happy 2015! It’s great to be back at posting here and was so great to kick of the year with Lily & Bill’s wedding. I got to know Lily and Bill back in September during their engagement session. These two are just some of the easiest people to be around. They have such a joyful spirits and don’t fret the small stuff. Their love for each other is quite contagious and I’ve absolutely loved the opportunity to be able to photograph them — most especially on their wedding day this past Saturday. Despite it being cold and rainy here in Boston, they brought warmth with them everywhere they went. Plus it didn’t hurt to have their ceremony at the always stunning Harvard Memorial Church and their reception at the always fantastic Museum of Science, Boston. Enjoy from shots from the day below.

Congrats Lily & Bill! I hope to run into you two soon :)

Kaczmorski Family // Winston-Salem, NC // November 2014

My sister’s family is just the sweetest. There is a laundry list of things I love about being in Boston, but the biggest thing it doesn’t have is my family. My time seeing them is always too short, but I was thrilled to be able to take a few quick shots for them to share at the holidays. Just thought I’d share a few in the midst of the holiday season.